Mediamatics portfolio

ICT Berufsbildungscenter AG
New website for BBC apprentices as mediamatics

The new portfolio website of the work show event of the mediamatics apprentices at the Berufsbildungscenter in the spotlight: This platform shows the impressive work of this year's talents, which have been created in various creative modules. Together with the apprentices, a website was created that reflects their technical skills and creative energy. The website presents a variety of projects, including expressive photos, compelling videos, and informative infographics. Each project tells its own story and shows the individual style of the apprentices. When browsing through the website, there are many inspiring works to discover. Thanks to all mediamatics apprentices who were involved in this project. Your hard work and dedication has made this website a special place that showcases your creativity and skills. Dive into the world of the mediamatics apprentices and discover the wonderful work on the new portfolio website.

Responsive design of the new BBC website for media literate learners, shown on an iPhone
Home page of the new website for the BBC's mediamatician apprentices on an iPhone

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